Eight patient engagement trends to watch

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Boosting patient engagement is critical as the industry shifts toward value-based payments. For payers and providers, higher engagement increases the likelihood of positive outcomes at lower costs.

To determine where the industry stands when it comes to patient engagement, and what providers are doing to increase it, CDW Healthcare recently surveyed 200 patients and 200 providers. The results provide a glimpse at some of the biggest engagement challenges the industry faces, and insight into some of the key drivers that could increase engagement.

Bob Rossi, vice president, CDW Healthcare, says the research is unique because providers and patients were surveyed to gain a better understanding of how the two sides view patient engagement as healthcare moves toward a value-based payments model.

“The research highlights beneficial insights that can help the industry understand common ground and differences in perspectives to transform the patient experience, improve outcomes and support fiscal stability, as well as technology’s role in advancing patient involvement to improve outcomes and help reduce costs,” says Rossi. Read More.

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