Epic vice president: Healthcare must focus on ‘interoperability of knowledge’

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As a whole, healthcare leaders need to think about including nontraditional data to reduce disparities, said Epic VP Peter DeVault at ONC’s annual meeting on Tuesday.

During the “Future of Innovation” session at ONC’s Annual meeting on May 31, three of the health IT industry’s top leaders discussed the current healthcare landscape, offering perspective on how it’s evolving and assessing its potential.

For Epic Vice President Peter DeVault, in order for health technology to reach its full potential, the concept of interoperability must be broadened outside of the focus of patients to include what he called the “interoperability of knowledge.”

“We should start thinking about using nontraditional data for purpose of reducing disparities,” DeVault said. “We have huge amounts of data – much more than what we know what to do with – so we need algorithms to determine what is important.” Read More.

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