4 Ways to Indirectly Influence Patient Experience

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Delivering excellent patient experience starts with leaders creating and supporting environments conducive to achieving good experiences between RNs and patients.


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton may be grabbing all the headlines, but in healthcare circles, patient experience is the topic on everyone’s mind.

“I can tell you that even though I have the title, everybody in our organization is talking about it, asking how to do it better, [and] wanting to know what they need to do differently to really get us to that next level,” Sandra Myerson, MBA, MS, BSN, RN, chief patient experience officer at Mt. Sinai Health System in New York told me recently.

So what’s the secret to achieving high-level patient experience? There’s no one-size-fits all answer, but here are some of my favorite insights on patient experience from Myerson and other leaders I’ve talked with recently.

1. Acknowledge Patients’ Suffering

With illness there is suffering—on many levels.

“Even if you’re sitting in the waiting room for 30 minutes waiting to be seen and you’re just there for your annual physical, there’s some level of suffering going on,” says Kelley Dillon, director of care experience at Henry Ford Hospital and Health Network in Detroit. Read More.

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