Intel Report: Patience Experience

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Healthcare leaders focus on building organizational cultures based on patient experience excellence and strive to provide it across the care continuum.

Healthcare providers remain focused on building organizational cultures centered on patient experience excellence, using technology and an assortment of training programs to engage nurses, clinicians, care managers, and an expanding range of nonclinical and back-office staff in this mission.

However, having moved beyond simply training to meet the demands of HCAHPS, the patient experience movement is preparing for the next big challenge: providing patient experience excellence across the continuum.

To begin with, it is no easy task transforming organizational culture within healthcare organizations—they are generally large institutions with a diverse range of professional and nonprofessional staff, representing a long list of departments and functions.

Further complicating matters, patient care is increasingly taking place outside the four walls of hospitals, having migrated to myriad ambulatory and outpatient locations, convenient care clinics, skilled nursing facilities, and home health providers. Read More.

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