MedCity launches contest to identify nation’s top 15 patient engagement startups

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A 100 years hence experts may look upon this pivotal moment in healthcare as the period in which patient engagement came to the fore.

When alternative payment models are passé, hospitals are done pushing vendors to lower prices, healthcare companies have innovated and disrupted (and bitten the dust), and data silos become prehistoric, it will be on patient engagement that true healthcare transformation and lowered healthcare costs will ultimately hinge.

Ergo, this contest that MedCity is launching to hunt for the top 15 patient engagement startups in the country. We have enlisted some top names who will serve as judges — more on that, and how to enter, below.

The top 15 startups as selected by MedCity editors will be highlighted in a post that will allow our audience to weigh in for a reader’s choice winner. Separately, those same entries will be sent to a judging panel. The winner and two runners-up, based on scores of judges, will be announced in an editorial post in October, with a special profile on the winner to be published later as well. Read More

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