Remote monitoring tools, patient engagement platforms, EHRs have greatest potential for cost savings, survey says

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The researchers also found that improving workflow is the top strategy for improving the quality of healthcare technology implementations.

Remote patient monitoring is the healthcare technology with the greatest impact on reducing costs to organizations and maximizing ROI, according to research by the American Society for Quality (ASQ). The second and third-ranking tools, however, might be a little more surprising: patient engagement platforms and electronic health records systems.

Sixty-nine percent of the 170 respondents, in fact, named remote patient monitoring as the greatest cost reducer, while 68 percent listed patient engagement platforms that encourage patients to get more involved in the long-term management of their own health, and 68 percent listed electronic medical record/electronic health records that eliminate time-consuming tasks, said ASQ, a network of quality resources and experts.

Respondents said organizations should embed a quality expert into every department in order to learn user needs before determining what type of technology is implemented. Read More.

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